Direct Co-ops partners with the global co-operative movement at Disrupting the Disruptors

Disrupting the Disruptors conference was held in Toronto between September 9-10, dedicated to understanding and accelerating platform co-operatives in Canada and all around the world. This event offered a practical exploration of a more equitable digital economy by using co-operatively owned digital platforms. Can co-operative ownership solve the challenges we face from platform monopolies, such

Article about Direct Co-ops by Joe Warmington, Toronto Sun

Amazing efforts, heroes and artists BY JOE WARMINGTON, TORONTO SUN David can sometimes beat Goliath. When it comes to retail sales it’s such a tough time for small mom and pop operations. Big operations have a price advantage. Not any more. “Direct Co-ops has launched an initiative that will see 29 million small and medium

416Direct Local App is born!

The 416 Direct local app allows small businesses in local communities to interact with each other on important community topics, vote on policies and products, as well as purchase products through the app among many other features. The 416 Direct app is available for both Android and iPhone and can be downloaded from the following

Direct Co-ops concludes a deal with St. John’s Ambulance for First-Aid & CPR training

Direct Co-ops concluded a deal with St. John’s Ambulance to provide First-Aid & CPR training to small businesses. As Canada’s leading authority in First Aid, St. John’s Ambulance expertise leads the way in offering the most comprehensive and innovative First Aid training programs for business. Choose from a wide variety of courses and options to

Direct Co-ops introduces the Direct hydro & energy savings program for small businesses

Direct Hydro, in partnership with ORHMA and ECNG Energy L.P. has created Ontario’s largest energy program for all businesses, allowing for 15-40% savings on hydro and energy expenses. This comes at a time, when Ontario residents are struggling with their hydro bills due to recent hikes. We are proud to bring the small businesses in

Direct Organics is born with over 5,000 organic food products at lower than wholesale prices

Direct Co-ops and the Ontario Natural Food Co-op have established a partnership that will see over 5,000 organic food products made available to the members of Direct Co-ops at lower than wholesale prices. Products will become available for voting, allowing members to form buying groups with volume discounts as low as 50% off the regular

Direct Co-ops establishes a partnership with the Ontario Natural Food Co-op

Direct Co-ops establishes a partnership with the Ontario Natural Food Co-op, the leader in organic food distribution in North America with over 5,000 products to be made available to our members! Ontario Natural Food Co-op is a co-operative headquartered in Mississauga, Ontario. ONFC has led the distribution of natural and organic food in the region

Direct Co-ops partners up with OMDC for Grants and SR&ED

Monica Szenteszky the team leader of OMDC Grants, expresses willingness and access to grant funding with SMEONE.

Direct Co-ops at the Canada Eurasia Russia Business Association event

Direct Co-ops at the Canada Eurasia Russia Business Association (CERBA) event, with our newest partner and trade commissioner for the Russian Federation, Mr. Constantine Trafimov, who expressed full support for The Direct Initiative.

Ahmed Attia speaks on mentoring challenged youth at the Yonge Street Mission

Finding solutions to end chronic poverty in Toronto by mentoring challenged street youth. Thank you Yonge Street Mission for the opportunity to help! Founded in 1896, through multiple programs, Yonge Street Mission (YSM) aims to make a positive difference in the lives of families, seniors, socially-isolated adults, homeless street youth, and children, focusing on building

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