Direct Co-ops establishes a partnership with the Ontario Natural Food Co-op

Direct Co-ops establishes a partnership with the Ontario Natural Food Co-op, the leader in organic food distribution in North America with over 5,000 products to be made available to our members!

Ontario Natural Food Co-op is a co-operative headquartered in Mississauga, Ontario. ONFC has led the distribution of natural and organic food in the region since its inception in 1976. A member-owned and directed wholesaler, ONFC distributes over 4,800 products in multiple categories such as; grocery, refrigerated, frozen goods, foodservice, and household items to natural and organic retailers in the eastern half of Canada. The company also produces and distributes a line of locally farm grown natural and organic products under the Ontario Natural Food Co-op private label brand. In 2013 ONFC acquired Black River Juice Company Limited, a certified organic and natural producer of fruit juices. Driven by the triple bottom line (Environmental, Economic and Social), Ontario Natural Food Co-op has established itself as the preferred supplier to small and large natural food retailers, wellness clinics, daycare centres, buying clubs, bakeries, restaurants, and independent grocery stores.

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