About Us

"Disrupting the Disruptors... Together"


Direct Global is a technology company focused on developing and operating platforms that allow purchasers to leverage their collective purchasing power to reduce the cost of procuring raw materials, finished goods and services. The company’s proprietary web-based platform enables organizations to create opportunities in real time for joint purchasing to harness their collective purchasing power.


Direct Global Buying Corp. has 20,000 small and medium sized businesses collectively buying and selling within its network and taking advantage of their collective pricing power. With a background in advocating for ‘mom and pop shops’, Direct Global focuses on helping small and medium-sized businesses.


The DREAM is scaling up using the co-operative model, which will allow member-based organizations to collaborate democratically and achieve purchasing efficiencies for their members that match big box and big platform competitors.


The Direct Co-operative initiative leverages the Direct Global platform to network and unite the buying power of the members of member-based associations and co-operatives who share common interests and believe in principles of fairness.


Direct Co-op aggregates the demand of its members (most of whom are group purchasers or participate in group purchasing themselves) in a way that brings purchasing power and efficient shipping to participants of all sizes and from all sectors.

Direct Global is the Canadian strategic partner to the Commonwealth Enterprise and Investment Council and an ecommerce partner to NCBA-CLUSA (currently launching a pilot with the co-ops of Peru), America's oldest co-operative association representing 1 in 3 Americans, as well as the exclusive ecommerce platform to the US Pacific Rim Chamber of Commerce. It has been featured on Bloomberg-BNN, Yahoo! Finance, Business Insider and received mention in “Everything for Everyone”, Nathan Schneider’s seminal text on the modern business co-operative movement.


Our Story


Our Goals and Values

Open Membership

We are an open membership based platform, open to most types of businesses from small and medium-sized mom and pop shops, to larger corporations, cooperatives and associations.



Each member is counted as a single vote. By combining the buying power of many businesses, regardless of where they are from, we can achieve consensus on both the products that our members buy and the issues that concern them.



Group-purchasing drives prices down. By co-operating with your neighbours, as well as other businesses from your own industry, you can enjoy the same (or greater) buying power as the largest corporations.


Social Responsibility

Our leading principle is giving back to the local communities and providing the platform for all businesses to survive and to thrive. We work with top business leaders, private and public institutions, associations, unions and other non-profit organizations to help our communities prosper through cooperation among their members.


Innovation & Entrepreneurship

We support entrepreneurs and innovators by providing them with the level playing field and the foundations they need to to succeed. It is a core principle of Direct Global/Direct Co-ops.



Careful consideration is given to each product prior to granting approval to sell it on our platform, minimizing carbon footprint placing our planet and our human family first.



Our Partners

Our strength comes from our partnerships with the largest cooperatives, associations, business groups and other organizations that cater for independent business and entrepreneurship. Here are some of them: