Business Webinar

Business Webinars

Aligning Your Team

Your team is the backbone of your organization, and working together seamlessly is vital to your organization’s success.

Whether you are a newly formed or transitioning team, or one that simply isn’t jelling together, our process aims to improve the alignment and impact your team can make.

Throughout the process we will:

1. Measure your team’s current level of effectiveness;
2. Help you define your desired end-state;
3. Support you in crafting a winning strategy; and
4. Ultimately guide you in forming a head-turning, highly performing team



Developing Your Leaders

Your people are your key source of value creation.

We help you identify the competencies that matter the most for your company, and we make sure your leaders develop the skills, capabilities and knowledge they need to take your organization where it needs to go.

We believe that on-the-job learning is the key to successful leadership development. When blended with mentoring, coaching and learning from the rest of the team, you get unbeatable leadership development solutions. New behaviours become permanently embedded, and your team performs at its maximum best.



Assessing Your Leaders

Choosing a new leader based on interviews or the look of a resume is a poorly informed decision at best.

We measure how well your future leaders will perform in the context of your goals, strategic direction, mission and values.

Comprehensive combination of 360° assessments, simulations, management exercises, psychometric evaluations, and in-depth interviewing all lead to the most informed decision making available.

Hiring and promoting the right people to begin with is the key to organizational advancement.


Coaching Your Leaders

Executives today face unparalleled challenges and demands. Many feel a sense of isolation; have little time for reflection, and even less time for professional development.

We provide the competitive edge leaders require, by helping them through their challenges, and developing them to their maximum potential.

Whether you require integration coaching for newly appointed leaders; developmental coaching to prepare high potential candidates for new challenges; support for struggling leaders; or advisory services for senior executives, we are ready to help you fast forward success.

Our trained psychologists and ICF certified coaches have extensive real-world business experience and our unique process ensures your leader’s development always occurs in the context of your company and its business goals.


Coaching Your Sales Leaders

To drive revenue growth, short-term tactics such as increasing quotas or discounting products are common routes to take. However, they do not lay a foundation for long-term sales success. To deliver on your organization’s sales objectives, it is paramount to have top-performing sales leaders as part of your team.

Sales Coaching helps your sales leaders to develop with expert, one-on-one sales and sales management support.

Our all-encompassing approach evaluates the gap between your current sales leaders’ practices and behaviours, and the desired focus and approaches correlated with meeting your sales targets. Factoring in strategic direction and culture, we will help you determine the attributes, skills and behaviours needed to drive sales results. Through coaching, your sales team will be equipped with the tools, models and practice needed to build on their existing talents, while developing new skills for sales success.


Transitioning Your Leaders

Whether your organization is public or private, a “just get it done” approach has swept the marketplace. The result: leaders struggle to gain the balance and reflection time they need to maximize their potential.

Our structured transition process allows your executives to discover and validate what is important to them in their personal and professional lives. It helps them reconnect with what they do best, where they can maximize their contribution and how they can change their situation to suit their needs.

Action plan in hand, the result provides full advancement for both the executive and the business.



Choosing Your Future Leaders

As key executives move on to new responsibilities in your organization, think of the impact of replacing each departing individual with a leader who is even better than their predecessor. Succession planning – rigorously and systematically applied – can profoundly enhance your company’s leadership depth and overall performance in the market.

We identify, assess, develop and your people so that you have the talent you need available and ready to step into more challenging roles as your business grows. As your leadership bench strength grows, your organization increasingly distances itself from the competition.



Transforming Your Family Business

Family and closely-held businesses often experience unique and difficult challenges. We specialize in helping companies through those challenges by focusing on the alignment of family, ownership and business goals to realize long term success. From transition, succession and ownership planning to performance assessment, business planning, professional development and governance advice, we can help you and your family achieve business objectives while fully supporting family harmony.





Maximizing Your Sales Team’s Performance

A high performance sales team is critical for taking your successful business to the next level. We use our deep expertise and experience in assessment to guide the changes required to increase your team’s performance immediately and over the long term.

We start by identifying your organization’s unique sales culture and pinpointing key sales practices and drivers. At the same time, we uncover your individual and organizational development needs. Sales coaching addresses those needs and we can help you see the progress. This new understanding also allows you to proactively hire, and onboard accordingly, into your sales culture.

Our grounded approach allows your salespeople to become completely aligned with your organizational culture and goals. It means you can support them fully, with the precise action plans they require. Most importantly, it means you can meet or beat your sales objectives, year after year.