Phone & Internet

Phone & Internet

Direct Coops

Unlimited Phone and Internet for $54.95/month**

** 6Mbps Business Internet and Basic Phone. No hidden fees.

Business Phone – $9.95

  • Includes basic phone only with no features. Other business plans available.

Business Internet – $44.95

  • DSL starting at $44.95 from 6Mbps to 50Mbps
  • Cable starting at $54.95 from 30Mbps to 250Mbps
  • No download limits

DirectTel was created to fill the gap between price and service in telecommunications. We offer the same services as Bell and Rogers at a fraction of the price with ‘No Term’ contracts and no hidden fees. Our Cable and DSL services are provided by Rogers and Bell, but we have managed to negotiate better than market pricing for our members.

Direct Coops

** One-time activation fee: $49.95

** FREE equipment (loaned)


Speed (DL / UL)
FTTN 6 Up to 6 Mbps / .800 Mbps Unlimited $44.95/Month
FTTN 50 Up to 50 Mbps / 10 Mbps Unlimited $69.95/Month

** One-time activation fee: $49.95

** FREE equipment (loaned)

Phone Plans

Use a new or existing number
Unlimited local calling
Free calls between Teksavvy customers
Call ID
Basic 911
Selective call rejection
Selective call forwarding
Long distance restricting
Anonymous call rejection
Do Not Disturb
Selective call acceptance
N.A Long Distance 2.9c/minute

100 minutes incl., 2.9c/minute after

Visual Call Waiting  
Three-Way Calling  
Call Forwarding  
TekTalk Portal to manage the service  
Line Hunting  
Out-Of-Hours Greeting  
Find me Follow me    
Business call waiting    
Monthly Plan Cost: $16.95 $24.95 $34.95


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