We Are Stronger Together

Our new Direct Local Marketplace is now open to businesses and co-ops! Register and get your FREE online and mobile store on the Direct Local App.

Who Are We?

Direct Co-ops is a group-buying platform and marketplace for SMEs (small and medium-sized businesses) and co-ops, bringing together local independent businesses to leverage their group buying power, enabling them to achieve better prices on all their purchases. Our platform allows SMEs to enjoy the same buying power as the big chains and online retailers, stimulating the local communities and economies to level the playing field for our 'Mom and Pop' shops.

We are an open membership platform - it is free to register and we charge a small percentage from all transactions. Since 2014, we've helped thousands of local businesses save on their operating expenses, thanks to the better rates and prices we have negotiated with various service providers, manufacturers and suppliers.

Direct Co-ops is joined by the largest business associations, co-ops, nonprofit and government institutions, dedicated to supporting independent business and entrepreneurship and we are proud to be the voice of mom and pop businesses everywhere. Our new online marketplace is open to all SMEs and co-ops, as well as their employees and members, with access to significantly better wholesale prices. SMEs and co-ops can sign up for free and start selling within minutes, with the lowest transaction rates and the most technologically advanced eCommerce platform available on the market today!



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Member Savings

Save on your everyday purchases from qualified vendors in USA & Canada. Save 5 cents/liter off Esso gas, more than 75% off UPS shipping, 70% off Staples office supplies, 25% off Sprint plans and much more!

Vote On Products

Vote on the products you need together with other businesses and once 1,000 businesses have voted, we will negotiate the lowest prices for your buying group. You can nominate your own products too!

Shop Wholesale

Our online store offers products at bulk prices, based on the bulk deals we have negotiated with our suppliers to date. Products include fresh and organic foods, coffee, electronics, housewares, restaurant supplies and more!

Services & Utilities

Our members can save hundreds to thousands of dollars each month on their operating expenses, including utilities, phone/internet/TV, POS & payment processing, mortgages and much more!

We Are Strong When We Come Together!

How It Works?

Together WE CAN make a DIFFERENCE!
It's Pretty Straight-forward

By combining our buying power with other small businesses like yours, we can negotiate lower purchasing prices for the products we need to run our businesses and what we sell to our customers.

The more members that join, the better prices we can get!

Our group voting platform allows our members to select or recommend items for group purchase. If you do not see the items you need, you can 'Nominate' your products to start a buying group and we will add them for other businesses to vote on.

Here's how it works:

  • Step 1

    Vote on products together with other businesses to join a buying group.

  • Step 2

    We source the products and negotiate better wholesale prices with qualified vendors.

  • Step 3

    We confirm and place your order at the new group volume price.

  • Step 4

    We deliver your order straight to your door or you pick it up from a nearby UPS store.

Let's use this simple LED light bulbs example. Today, at any of the hardware stores, energy efficient light bulbs cost approximately $9 per unit. By just 1000 of us coming together as a buying group, we will reduce the price by over 75%. Imagine all products are made cheaper by us coming together. Now, let's apply the same way of cooperation to all the products that you need to run your business down to products you retail to your customers.

The buying power of big corporations in the hands of small businesses!

Here are some examples of the products and services we have negotiated great prices on for our members:

Canadian businesses are eligible for 15-40% savings with our group rate!


Get the best rates for all your mortgage needs – business & residential!

Phone & Internet

No contracts, no hidden fees, best rates & top quality service!

Payment Processing

Compare rates and choose from among 5 different payment processing providers!

Business Loans

Loans & project financing from qualified financial institutions and lenders.

Pension Plan

Bringing SMEs the gold plated pensions of big corporations for a fraction of the cost!


Up to 40% lower prices on brand name and generic drugs + group benefits!


Quality, Fair-Trade, organic coffee at 50% off retail (single origins and blends)

TVs & Electronics

Brand name TVs & electronics at up to 50% cheaper than Walmart & Amazon!

Organic Food

All your favorite organic, non-GMO foods at significantly lower than market prices!

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Direct Co-ops has been privileged to work with outstanding individuals and institutions, dedicated to helping small business communities prosper. Here is what some of them have to say about us: