Direct Global / Direct Co-ops Concludes Partnership in China with a Consortium Lead by Epic China to Create Direct Global China and 86 Direct

The Epic China consortium includes Golden Concord Group (GCL), China Communication Technology (CCT), Unilumen Group, Born Holding Group and AIECOMS and is lead by Mr. Simon Guo. Mr. Guo is the principal owner of Five Lakes Global Group headquartered in Toledo, Ohio. Mr. Guo started his career as an interpreter and business strategist with CITIC...

Direct Global / Direct Co-ops Launches GCC Direct & 971 Direct, Opening Two Offices in the United Arab Emirates

Direct Global / Direct Co-ops partnered with Finetrade Ltd. And OWS to set up two offices in the Free Zones. Finetrade Ltd. is a company based in the United Arab Emirates, focused on trading of raw materials and particularly timber from all over the world. During Dubai’s construction market boom in 2007, the company was...

David Takes On Goliath: Direct Global / Direct Co-ops to Launch The Direct Local App On January 1st, Enabling 29 Million SMEs and 125 Million Co-op Members To Come Together

(Source: (Toronto, Canada) Direct Global / Direct Co-ops announces the launch of its Direct Local mobile app, giving every small and medium-sized business and co-operative in N. America and The UK a free ecommerce website and app...

Direct Global / Direct Co-ops Attends First Commonwealth Global Advisory Meeting, the High Commissioner’s Banquet, MOU Establishing a Commonwealth – China Business Dialogue

Direct Global / Direct Co-ops attends its first Commonwealth Global Advisory Council meeting Direct Global / Direct Co-ops was welcomed as one of the eight new Strategic Partners at the October Advisory Council, the first held in the City of London at the Painters Hall, which also included: Bassadone Automotive Group, Bestway Group,

Direct Global / Direct Co-ops and Local Driver Co-op Standing In Solidarity with New York Rideshare Drivers

On October 10, 2019, Local Driver Co-op in cooperation with Pro Driver and groups representing 200,000 rideshare drivers from New York City, took to the streets demanding Uber, Lyft, TLC and other organizations restore fairness to the industry. Direct Global / Direct Co-ops was there in solidarity and support of the drivers and their families. Watch the earlier rally...

Direct Global / Direct Co-ops Launches Global Driver-Owned Cooperative:

Direct Global / Direct Co-ops is excited to announce that Local Driver Co-op, a powerful cooperative owned and operated by its own members, the drivers, is in its third phase of testing in the USA and Canada. (Source: Toronto, Canada – September 30, 2019 – Direct Global / Direct Co-ops is excited to announce...

Prince Lorenzo Borghese joins Direct Global / Direct Co-ops to lead all US initiatives

(Source: Prince Lorenzo Borghese will be seeding all Direct Global / Direct Co-ops initiatives, enabling small and medium-sized businesses to come together, in order to compete and not just survive but to thrive in the new economy. Prince Lorenzo Borghese will also be seeding the rideshare cooperative (, that will boast 90% of the...

Direct Global/Direct Co-ops and Pacific Rim Business Council sign exclusive e-commerce platform agreement

Representing over 200,000 small and medium size businesses in 46 countries, Pacific Rim Business Council’s new partnership with Direct Global/Direct Co-ops and their exclusive e-commerce “group” buying platform will enable their hundreds of thousands of members to survive, thrive and compete with mega retailers like Amazon, Walmart, and the like. Direct Global/Direct Co-ops’ (DG) platform

Direct Global / Direct Co-ops Becomes Canadian Strategic Partner of the Commonwealth Enterprise and Investment Council

This partnership will give Direct Global / Direct Co-ops unfettered access and support in engaging the 53 Commonwealth countries, which represent over 2 Billion people, the majority being from the developing world.

‘Wal-Mart’s #1 Enemy’ Joins Direct Co-ops to Create First Independent Network for Small Businesses

(Published on NBC) TORONTO/BOSTON—Small Business activists in Canada and the U.S. are joining forces to fight for a level playing field for local merchants under attack from huge retail companies like Amazon, Walmart, Facebook and Google. Direct Co-ops, Al Norman and Canada’s top broadcaster Steve Anthony announced today the creation of the Direct Local Business

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