United Nations Announces its Support of Direct Global and its Sustainable Development Initiatives

TORONTOMay 4, 2021 -- Following the launch of the Caravan of Courage in TorontoNew YorkLos Angeles and San Francisco, uniting all small business owners and gig workers through the Direct Initiative's Local Driver Co-op and Direct Co-ops, Direct Global received an official letter of support from the United Nations' Social Development Program.


The letter outlines the Sustainable Development Goals addressed by the Direct Initiative:

United Nations Announces its Support of Direct Global and its Sustainable Development Initiatives


"Through SDG #8, Direct Global will promote sustained, inclusive, and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment, and decent work for all. Through SDG #9, they will build resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization and foster innovation. Through SDG #11, they will make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient, and sustainable."


"So honored for Direct Global to be recognized for its efforts in championing sustainability and equality in the new economy and looking forward to an even bigger Caravan of Courage in over 10 cities in June." said Ahmed Attia, President CEO of Direct Global.


The Direct Initiative


Direct Co-ops brings together businesses, co-ops, associations and unions through a unified platform, creating the world's largest buying group in order to leverage economies of scale to the smallest of us. Compounded by the co-operative model, this will bring true equality to the masses and allow their voice to be heard.


Local Driver Co-op is a ride-hailing and delivery app-based co-op, where the drivers receive 90% of the fees and own the platform locally, guaranteeing the future of gig workers and leveraging the co-operative model through sustainability and ensure that their voice are heard.


Direct Local app offers every small business a free online storefront and app, with the ability to retail just like the incumbents, communicate with their customers, members and community. Backed by the Direct Co-ops buying group and the Local Driver Co-op, allows us to create an opportunity for competition with big business that has never existed before.


Direct Local Eats app helps food service and grocery businesses reach consumers, charging businesses only five per cent of transactions compared to companies like Uber Eats that take 30-35 per cent. Deliveries are completed by Local Driver Co-op, ensuring consumers are not just paying the lowest price, while the drivers receive more than they would with the incumbents.

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