Direct Global/Direct Co-ops and Pacific Rim Business Council sign exclusive e-commerce platform agreement


Representing over 200,000 small and medium size businesses in 46 countries, Pacific Rim Business Council’s new partnership with Direct Global/Direct Co-ops and their exclusive e-commerce “group” buying platform will enable their hundreds of thousands of members to survive, thrive and compete with mega retailers like Amazon, Walmart, and the like. 


Direct Global/Direct Co-ops’ (DG) platform will enable the Pacific Rim Business Council’s (PRBC) members to collectively utilize their sheer volume to be able to, amongst many things, significantly discount the cost of the raw materials, the commodities, and the manufactured products which they need to conduct business, thus leveling the playing field and leveraging economies of scale, like Amazon, Walmart and the like do. 


The DG platform allows all 200,000 members to seamlessly sell and trade with each other, to consolidate shipping costs, and creates a real-time communication channel to discuss and vote on the most important issues relating to their business, regionally, nationally and internationally. 


In addition, President and CEO of DG, Mr. Ahmed Attia announced today that Mr. Harold Stoner, Chairman of the Pacific Rim Business Council and the American International Business Council for the last 20 + years, will be joining Direct Global/Direct Co-ops as chairman of the DG Advisory Board.


Holmes Stoner also manages the China National Tourism membership and the CCPIT (China Council for the Promotion of International Trade), KOTRA and JETRO. 


Mr. Stoner has been an integral conduit in USA – China relations, especially in China’s economic development, through the 1980s to today.


He joins the eminent existing Advisory Board Members at DG, including Nicholas Thadaney (former President and CEO of Global Equity, Capital Markets, TMX Group), Steve Anthony (head of media and PR, formerly CP24 and MuchMusic), Nathan Schneider (head of US Platform Cooperatives), Prince Lorenzo Borghese (cosmetics entrepreneur and animal advocate, featured on The Bachelor) and Jean-Pierre Laporte (pension lawyer and winner of the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal), to mention a few.


DG recently accepted the invitation to join the Commonwealth Enterprise and Investment Council as a corporate strategic partner, joining a prestigious group of global business leaders, including Rolls Royce, Sandals Resorts, Standard Chartered, De La Rue, The City of London Corporation, the Governments of Jersey, Cyprus and Gibraltar, Malta, Sri Lanka and Cameroon. This partnership gives DG unfettered access and support in engaging the 53 Commonwealth countries, which represent over 2 billion people, the majority being from the developing world.


Direct Global / Direct Co-ops 

Headquartered in Toronto, Direct Global / Direct Co-ops ( is an e-commerce company focused on developing and operating platforms that allow purchasers to leverage their collective purchasing power to reduce the cost of procuring raw materials, finished goods and services. The company’s proprietary web-based platform enables medium and large corporations to harness their collective purchasing power to reduce purchasing and shipping costs. The company’s subsidiary, Direct Co-ops, focuses on helping small and medium-sized businesses.


Direct Co-ops has developed a web-based platform that works with local business associations and others to connect local small and medium enterprises and enable them to aggregate orders for goods and services from local and national manufacturers, suppliers and service providers. By consolidating shipping, the company helps participating businesses reduce the environmental impact of their supply chains. Direct Global / Direct Co-ops has been featured on Bloomberg-BNN, Yahoo! Finance, Business Insider and received mention in “Everything for Everyone”, Nathan Schneider’s seminal text on the modern business cooperative movement.


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