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Address: 537 Frederick St., PO Box 23009, Kitchener ON, Canada N2B 3V1


The Waterloo Regional Apartment Management Association was formed to provide information and support to owners and managers of residential rental properties all over the Golden Triangle. The Golden Triangle includes Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, Guelph and surrounding area in Ontario Canada.



Discover the benefits of being a member of our Association!

We offer our members a full range of valuable property management resources. The following is only a partial listing of the many benefits of membership:


  • An online forum keeping you informed of current Landlord/Tenant news, also including articles and tips on property management.
    Attend general meetings at least eight times a year, where you can listen to guest speakers, as well as the opportunity to network with your fellow landlords and suppliers.
  • Choosing the proper tenants is one of the most important functions of a landlord. An up-to-date credit report is a valuable tool. Membership in WRAMA entitles you to substantial discounts on membership and product fees with Rent Check Credit Bureau. Go to www.rentcheckcorp.com/wrama for details of the available as long as you are a WRAMA member.
  • Enjoy our Suite Deals! Our Suite Deals committee has shopped for us and obtained some excellent discounts for our members when purchasing such items as fuel oil, softener salt, paint, appliances, and appliance parts, etc. Your Suite Deals savings could easily offset the cost of your membership!
  • Support and advice from other members on mutual topics of concern, including a telephone advice line at 519-573-7109.
  • Strong political lobbying support, via W.R.A.M.A.s membership, in the Federation of Rental-housing Providers of Ontario [FRPO], which is our Provincial Landlords Association and the Canadian Federation of Apartment Associations (CFAA) our National Landlords Association.
  • Lease and application package based on the latest legislation (available to members at a nominal charge).


  • Your listing on our Associate Members List which is sent to all members twice a year.
  • Special Members Discount at our Annual Trade Fair which is held in April each year.
  • Add your advertising to our network table at all General Meetings
  • Your listing on our Associate Members List is included in every New Member’s Package.
  • Your business listed on the Associate Members Page of our website


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