February 22, 2016


  1. Vote: Tell us which product(s) you would like to buy as part of a buying group and save up to 50% on.
  2. Once a product reaches 1000 votes, we will notify each of the buying group members of the best available price for the group.
  3. We process the order with all the buying group members (payment can be made via certified check, credit/debit card, wire or email transfer).
  4. Same Day Shipping: Your order will be available for pickup or delivered to you as early as the same day, depending on product availability from your local small business partner.
  5. Same Price Guarantee: You will always pay the same best possible price as the rest of your buying group members, no matter the size of your order.

Note: By participating in the product voting, you will receive a free account with Direct Co-ops. Questions? Here is All you need to know about group buying!


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465 votes

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999 votes

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249 votes

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1024 votes

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Nominate Products

Can’t find a product you need? Let us know so we can start a buying group! Tell us which product you would like to bring to other members to vote on (please include a link, if available) and we will add it after a quick review.

Please note that the minimum purchase amount is set to $100 CAD (~75 USD), before tax. Dismiss