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Address: 61 Kensington Ave, Toronto ON, Canada M5T 2K1

Rasta Pasta is an innovative fusion restaurant that combines the essence of Jamaican and Italian culture to give you a unique experience.

The Rasta Pasta recipe has garnered a high rating on Yelp, Zomato, Google Reviews and more. We pride our selves on creating and serving good quality, savoring food to give customers a top-notch experience they can recommend to others.

Born in Jamaica, with an Italian heart. At Rasta Pasta you can enjoy the best Jamaican-Italian cuisine in Toronto.

We pride ourselves on classic flavors that we offer through innovative fusion dishes. At Rasta Pasta you can order your favorite home cooked Jamaican dishes such as Jerk Chicken with Rice and Peas, Ox Tail, Salt Fish with Ackee and more! Everything served at Rasta Pasta is made 'from scratch'. From our pastas to our jerk marinade, we prepare and cook everything in our kitchen in Kensington Market.

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