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Address: Kibbutz Hamaapil, Haifa & Northern District IR, 38857

Advanced High Quality Packaging

MCP Performance Plastic Ltd. is a dynamic developer and manufacturer of advanced custom co-extruded thermoplastics for a wide range of turnkey packaging solutions mainly for the food industry. MCP manufactures three major types of barrier structures: CPET (Crystallized PET), APET (Amorphous PET) and PP (Polypropylene). One of MCP's outstanding developments is a dual-ovenable tray suitable for heating in a microwave and conventional oven. MCP manufactures trays suitable for a whole range of temperatures, namely freezing, refrigeration and shelf-stable applications.

These products are comprised of semi-rigid trays with snap-on lids, to which suitable lidding films can be sealed to the trays. The highly qualified designers and engineers at MCP are also able to advise the clients about suitability and availability of filling and sealing machines to suit their demands.

The MCP facility includes extrusion of the resin, thermoforming and development of new products/ custom made designs, adhering to the highest Quality Assurance.

MCP strategy is focused on production and cost efficiency. This strategy includes optimization of all stages from resin to the freighting of products to the customer as per their requirements.

A highly skilled and experienced team is involved in all stages of new product development, anticipating the market needs. MCP is recognized for its very high quality and outstanding customer service.

Recyclable and Environmentally Friendly Packaging

MCP places particular emphasis on recyclable and environmentally friendly packaging materials in accordance with both European and US market demands. The company recycles all the scrap material that is formed during the thermoforming processes. The scrap is reground and introduced back into the extrusion process. MCP partakes in the "Green Trend" and manufactures degradable products.

MCP is committed to promoting sustainability and is dedicated to an environmental vision for packaging, which includes reducing the environmental impact and ecological footprints of all our activities

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