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At Mask Ontario we have a dream. It is one that unites everybody under a simple concept – People Before Profits. Mask Ontario is helping individuals and businesses obtain what they need in order to safely operate. In purchasing a mask or masks, you will be helping to meet someone else’s needs. A portion of all our proceeds goes directly to essential services that cannot afford PPE at current market value.

Many nursing homes are on the brink of financial disaster due to the inflated cost of PPE. Additionally, some nursing facilities rely on their staff members to supply their own equipment. Mask Ontario hears these horror stories and is answering the call. We are promising bare-bone prices by showing you our current price markup. In doing so, we are hoping that you may be able to give a little extra towards your purchase so that we may supply our essential services with product.

Our bare-bone policy and transparent prices reflect the best possible amount at which we can source PPE. We then pass those savings on to you. As the market becomes more stable, costs will drop and that savings will again be passed on to the consumer. Mask Ontario’s hope is that by taking this approach in this time of need you may be in a better position to donate or purchase.

Every little bit counts. Lets band together and show support for our heroes.

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