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Address: 55 Wyndham St N, Guelph ON, Canada N1H 7T8

Guelph Local Driver Co-op is a worker co-operative owned by ride-hailing, taxi, delivery and truck drivers from Guelph, Ontario. It is a part of the Local Driver Co-operative Federation.

Our mission is to bring fairness and equity to all drivers, allowing them to own their ride-hailing platform, receive 90% of the revenue, vote on issues important to our drivers' community and act as a buying group to achieve significant discounts by voting on the products and services that our drivers need and use.


Guelph Local Driver Co-op invites all drivers to join our rapidly growing community!

By joining, drivers enjoy:

- 90% of the revenue from the ride-hailing and delivery apps

- Ownership in the Guelph Local Driver Co-op, with dividends and voting rights (one member, one vote)

- Significant discounts on products (50% on average) including auto parts, motor oils, personal protective equipment and more.

- Member savings programs and services (discounts on gas, business supplies, shipping, truck rentals and more)

- Messaging tools, voting on products (to buy) and issues important to our members

and more.


To join, message us or email [email protected]

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