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BUSINESS HOURS: Mon- 09:30AM - 09:30PM    | Tue- 09:30AM - 09:30PM    | Wed- 09:30AM - 09:30PM    | Thu- 09:30AM - 09:30PM    | Fri- 09:30AM - 09:30PM    | Sat- 09:30AM - 09:30PM    | Sun- CLOSED
Address: 152 Augusta Ave, Toronto ON, Canada M5T 2L5



​Shout outs to the experienced, knowledgeable, and totally swag team of instructors, fighters, and staff who have made this gym top in the city! Whether you are scared outta your mind or a seasoned pro, training alongside champions has that inspiring affect. Come join us, we are way friendlier than we may look. Promise.


" It's the sense of community and positive motivation that keeps me coming back and training hard. I feel welcome every time I'm there, and I'm encouraged to dig deeper and push myself more than I could just on my own. "


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