Egyptian Emotional Clearing with Essential Oils

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  • Egyptian Emotional Clearing with Essential Oils
Egyptian Emotional Clearing with Essential Oils

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Odor Molecules are located in the emotional center of the brain, the limbic lobe.  The nerve transmitters or axons of the olfactory bulb feed directly into the limbic system.  The limbic lobe is located beneath the cerebral cortex.  It activates the hypothamus; the control center for our drives and instincts, including our satiety center. 

Dr. Alan Hirch, Director of the Smell and Taste Independant and Research Foundation, Chicago, IL., wrote:

"The limbic lobe is the part of the brain where we store our emotional memories; anxiety, depression, joy, pleasure, anger, and so forth.  This is why our sense of smell is such a powerful trigger for nostalgic reverie, based on nothing more than a whiff of an odor on the air." 

Essential oils play an important role in assisting people in getting beyond emotional barriers.  Emotions are stored in the body in every organ, gland, muscle, meridian and system.  Feelings are first taken onto the body through the aura and chakras and then fed into the meridian system, which affects every organ and gland.  The essential oils support the chakra system and thus support the meridian system, raising the body's frequency.  Essential oils can raise the body's frequency because the flower's power vibrates at a higher frequency than us and transfer this higher frequency to us; enabling health. (Evelyn Mulders)

Body work such as the Egyptian Emotional Clearing where by the process of inhaling and applying Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils through this powerful ancient healing art, it facilitates a process whereby the recipient can get in touch with their feelings, and bring about a healing of mind, body, heart and spirit - to be set free!

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