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Address: 1226 Vermont Ave, Suite 200, Washington D.C. area DC, USA 20005

We believe in strength in numbers; in the power of community.

We believe the future of social enterprise can be transformed by weaving together community insight, strategic investing, and the cooperative model. 

At the Community Purchasing Alliance (CPA), we have already changed the way that 120 schools and churches think about their utilities, service contracts and vendor relationships, and now we're taking our model to the next level.

CPA is the only buying cooperative serving schools, churches, and other mission-oriented property owners that makes a quantitative promise about its performance; something transformative... that actually works. We bring tailored insights about contracting and facilities management to under-served nonprofits and guarantee savings.

Just 5 years into the Community Purchasing Alliance, we have strong enterprise relationships with KIPP DC, Friendship Schools, Episcopal Diocese of Washington, the Center for Community Change and many more. We are building something that people haven't experienced before, and it's allowing them to direct millions of dollars back towards their core mission.

CPA Co-op helps organizations lower the cost of their largest contracts while being more effective with the performance they get from their vendors.


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