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The Canadian Aviation Purchasing Coalition (CAP) is dedicated to bringing fairness to Canada’s General Aviation, and small to medium airports and operators. In Canada we have a challenge that is unique to our country. Despite the amount of air traffic, our GA and smaller organizations grow very slowly, this is due to the lack of power we have as an industry, and the small purchases made, usually not equating to “worthy” business to major vendors. This leaves the entire generation to suffer, with high fuel prices, consumable fluids, airport operational needs, and most of all, lack of government support. We at CAP are dedicated to changing this. The goal is to bring everyone of our organizations together in order to create stronger purchasing power. With stronger purchasing power, our organization will negotiate all of the needed services for one low and fair price. Just imagine, your organization having the purchasing power of the industry tanks. Let’s make change happen TOGETHER. Please join our coalition, there is absolutely no charge, and no commitment. You don’t have to participate in buys if you are not ready. Our platform allows for joint votes, focusing on the immediate needs and negotiations first, and we will continue to attack all of our problems. CAP is lead by Chris Nowrouzi, an experienced entrepreneur in Canada’s Aviation industry. Join us, and let’s focus on fairness for all.

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