Swiss Water Process Firefly Decaf

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The long neglected ugly duckling of the specialty coffee world, decaffeinated coffee options are often a poor substitute for the real thing. The Firefly Project is all about changing the pre-conceived notions about decaf.

We began by sourcing an exceptional, single origin coffee from a progressive, Rainforest Alliance certified producer group in South America. We selected a coffee with the character to maintain its exceptional taste and aroma through the decaffeination process.

In order to reach our goal of creating a sustainable decaffeinated coffee that doesn’t compromise taste, we selected the patented Swiss Water process to remove the caffeine without the use of chemicals. The result is a rich, aromatic coffee that we are proud to offer exclusively to our distinguished clients.

We roast Firefly to a medium level to accentuate its buttery body and caramelized sugar flavors. With its dark chocolate notes and clean finish, this decaffeinated coffee is ideal for traditional drip and espresso brewing.

Additional information

Weight 8 lbs
Tasting Notes

Buttery, carmelized sugar, dark chocolate with a clean finish.

Coffee Certification

Rainforest Alliance

Coffee Region

Central America, South America

Coffee Type

Blend, Decaffeinated

Coffee Roast

Medium Roast

Package Size

16 CT. Pods, 24×2.5 oz ground, 10 x 12 oz packs, 6 packs x 2lb


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