February 12, 2017

All you need to know about group buying!

Group buying is what our platform is all about and here you will find answers to most questions we are asked by new members:

– Why should I start/participate in a buying group?

By buying products together with other members, you can achieve savings of up to 50% (or more) compared to the prices you pay today on the same products. That way, you can buy any product you want and if there is enough demand from other members, you may not even need to wait to get it. We will simply refer you to another business in your local community that carries the product and you will pay the same price, no matter what!

– Who can participate in a buying group?

Our buying groups are open to most businesses, from small mom and pop stores to larger franchises or medium-sized companies with up to 499 employees.

– What type of products can you buy?

You can buy any product you want by using the Nominate tool (below the voting form). You can ask for any brand name (or generic) and we will add it to the voting platform for other members to vote on.

– How do we collect orders?

We do it through our Voting platform. Once 1000 votes have been achieved on any product, we contact the buying group members to process the orders and facilitate the purchase from the supplier.

– How do we ship your orders?

All orders go directly to the supplier who ships to the group members, using either its own fleet, a 3rd party forwarder or UPS. Group members can choose whether to get the item delivered to them (minimum order requirement may apply) or to pick up locally.

– How and when do I pay for my order?

Once 1000 votes have been reached on a product, we will contact all group members to confirm their order and process the payment. Payment can be done by credit, certified cheque, wire or email transfer. An invoice is provided at all times, with any applicable duties/taxes and shipping charges.

– How long does it take for the order to arrive after payment?

Each case is different but we try to complete all group orders within 2 weeks at most. Products that are high on demand can be received as early as the same day. Members have the option of canceling an order if the lead time is unreasonably long.

– Can I get a refund/return an item that I don’t want?

We ask that you choose your purchases with care as we do not offer refunds on items. However, if a product is defective, recalled or damaged we will gladly work with you and the supplier/manufacturer to get the issue resolved and either exchange the item or issue a refund.

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