February 21, 2017

Direct Coffee Program for Coffee Shops, Restaurants, Hotels and qualified vendors

Powered by: Reunion Island Coffee Roasters

Coffee is an agricultural product, grown around the world, that produces 1 harvest per year. As such, coffees from different countries (and sometimes regions within those countries) will vary in when they are available and at their best. The times of year that coffee blossoms, cherries mature, harvest occurs, and shipments arrive depends on many factors: longitudes and latitudes, altitudes, weather patterns, micro-climates, shipping times, etc.

While coffee never goes “bad” like other fruits do, it’s quality does have limitations. Generally speaking, as it sits in a warehouse throughout the year, the quality will begin to diminish. While coffees on their own (Single Origins) will lose their flavor over time, a blend can always be adjusted to use fresh coffees, ensuring a similar flavor profile throughout the year.

We work incredibly close with our farming partners to ensure continued supply of our Single Origin offerings. We may, from time to time, substitute regional origins to ensure your cup of coffee is the best it can be.

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