June 6, 2016

Canadian Hero

Jasmin Ganie-Hobbs


Jasmin is a Senior Development Banker at the Business Development Bank of Canada, and has worked in this capacity for the last 12 years.  Jasmin works extensively with Canadian Entrepreneurs, helping them to finance and grow their businesses. Her business development, networking, & client advisory/relationship skills are exceptional and have contributed to making her one of the most successful development bankers in the industry. She is well known in the entrepreneurial community throughout the Greater Toronto Area and has successfully assisted many of Toronto’s brightest small and medium sized businesses. Much of her success lies in her astute ability to determine the credibility of a business’s management team and the potential for future commercialization and success. Jasmin has the unique ability to recognize and leverage the marketplace potential of emerging companies and is an expert in helping them get funded.  She is completely immersed in Toronto’s business community and has consistently earned top ranks at BDC, having the largest and most profitable loan portfolio in Canada at $7 billion CAD. Since 1944, BDC has helped over 42,000 Canadian entrepreneurs open companies and continues to aid businesses throughout all stages of development. One of BDC’s main goals for Canadian companies is longevity and in turn, offer free resources and advice for entrepreneurs in all industries. With over 100 business centres, small to medium sized businesses can receive loans and SR&ED tax credits through BDC, if eligible.  Entrepreneurship is one of the driving forces towards a greater future for Canada and BDC recognizes that by acknowledging success through providing Canadian entrepreneurs with three different awards each year.

Reach Jasmin on Twitter @Jasmin_BDC or by email at Jasmin.Ganie-Hobbs [at] bdc.ca