Serena Ryder, Tom Cochrane, Russell Peters, Barenaked Ladies and other celebrities stand behind Direct Co-ops!

(Published on Business Insider) TORONTO, Sept. 14, 2018 — What do Serena Ryder, Tom Cochrane, Barenaked Ladies, Russell Peters, Fito Blanko, Tom Wilson of Junkhouse, The Trews, Karl Wolf, Mark Holmes from Platinum Blonde, Alan Frew from Glass Tiger, Dr. Draw & Lynn Moffatt have in common? Aside from being some of the biggest names in Canadian entertainment – this week, they’ve gathered together with the team behind a Toronto based organization[…]

Direct Co-ops launches COME ALIVE – “The Direct Initiative” by Fito Blanko ft. Karl Wolf

Greatest Song Ever for the Greatest Cause Ever! The National Anthem for every community. Written by Fito Blanko and dedicated to communities coming back together through the world’s first online small & medium-sized business buying cooperative. Direct Co-ops is the world’s first online buying cooperative for small and medium sized businesses (SMEs), bringing together businesses[…]

Direct Co-ops shoots music video for Fito Blanko’s song “Come Alive” in Kensington Market

Direct Co-ops shoots the music video for Fito Blanko’s song “Come Alive”, which has become the Direct Initiative’s theme song featuring Fito Blanko and Karl Wolf. The shooting took place on several locations in Kensington Market in Toronto, as well as in Mississauga and Markham, featuring over 80-persons’ flash mob volunteers from local schools and[…]

Fito Blanko’s “Come Alive” becomes the Direct Initiative’s theme song

Fito Blanko’s “Come Alive”, written for Toronto’s PanAm Games, featuring Liz Rodriguez & Karl Wolf becomes the Direct Initiative’s theme song. Compelled by the mission, Fito Blanko believed the Initiative was the true embodiment of the song, thus giving its rights to the Initiative. Listen to the song at